Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2005 Ferrari GG50

Engine: V12 540 horsepowerI am just looking at a picture of the Ferrari GG50 concept car in the red design. This is different from any other supercars I have seen before. The concept car has almost a sporty look that separates it from other manufacturers such as Lamborghini or Porsche. The red color I am looking at is also strongly enticing. There are some supercars that you look at and you just think that you have seen it before and it is nothing special and usually all the time these sports cars are in a solid color of red, orange or yellow but with the different paint job of this car it really brings out the stronger themes to this supercar.The Ferrari is manufactured in Italy so you can be assured that it is of fine quality. Most of the major supercar manufacturers now produce in Italy and it has become apparent over the years that if you want quality, you only buy from Italy. This model of Ferrari car is very expensive apart from similar supercars with the same specifications due to the fact that it has special F1 modifications to make it better and faster and also more reliable. The power unit consists of a V12 engine that can reach high speeds and 540 horsepower. The transmission is also different from other modern cars today and it is disputed wither it is more efficient and whether or not it was a good choice to include this odd sequential mode. The idea behind this concept car is to mark the 50 year anniversary of Ferrari in the world of supercar design and manufacturing. Just by looking at the model it appears more compact than similar supercars produced by Ferrari. The Ferrari GG50 is a very good looking sports car and it does not disappoint when it comes to performance as well as interior and exterior design. The transmission system is slightly different and the driver has the option to change the gears that are fitted on the steering wheel - a feature used by many F1 drivers. When summing up this supercar is very well designed and it would not disappoint in any aspect to the potential buyer. Because Ferrari is one of the most trusted name in the sports car industry you can be assured that you are not only receiving the highest quality parts but also world class service. I have heard many people mention the advantages of buying Ferrari but when looking at this model it seems that this is the only supercar. I am totally impressed with this model and have only today realized my passionate feelings for it.

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