Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Noble M15 specs

Top Speed: 175 mph / 282 km/h0-60 mph: 3.3 secondsEngine: 3-liter V6 Twin-Turbo 455 HPThe Noble M15, a supercar for 2007, promises speed and power with its modified three-liter Ford V-6 engine. Although this racing car is similar to the M12 and 400 in performance, it has two additional turbo chargers to accommodate the bigger overall specifications and provide equal or more acceleration than the M400. Lee Noble, British designer and engineer, has always emphasized high standards and individuality in his sports cars and the M15 is no exception.With the same wheelbase as earlier Noble exotic cars and an improved suspension, the new and stronger steel and aluminum frame chassis of the M15 meets worldwide crash test rules and regulations. The V-6 engine is placed front to back, rather than crosswise, which is different from earlier models, and along with the customary six-speed transaxle and forged pistons, it has numerous new components. The larger Pirelli tires and wheels easily accommodate the heavier engine and the overall weight of the supercar, 2,750 pounds, which is much less than the Porsche or Aston Martin.The exterior of this exciting new race car features lots of angles, similar to the Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars, with twin air intakes, oversized air outlets behind the wheels, distinctive L-shaped headlamp covers, long wedge-shaped fenders, an almost flat rear window, and a high rear spoiler.The M15 exotic car compares favorably with its competitors, the Porsche Carrera S and the Aston Martin V 8 Vantage in custom features, but surpasses its predecessors in comfort and convenience for the sports car enthusiast or race car driver. Lots of bells and whistles have been added to this supercar including ABS, Sat navigation, traction control, and electric windows. In addition, Noble has brought in more new touches including air conditioning, heated mirrors and windscreen, and an MP3/DVD player. In comparison to other mid-engine race cars, there are two luggage compartments, one in the rear, and one between the twin radiators in the front for extra convenience.Noble has introduced a superior race car, with a distinctive style and increased performance. The M15 supercar is practical, reliable, and easy to handle with a fast, smooth ride.

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