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The Audi R8 is a mid-engined sports car introduced by the German automaker Audi in 2006, appearing at auto shows and events all over the world. The R8 is based on the Audi Space Frame, which contributes to the car's relatively light weight. Competitors include the Porsche 911 GT3, Porsche 911 Turbo, BMW M6, and Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG.[citation needed]
Audi announced in 2005 that the name of the successful Audi R8 race car would be used for a new road car in 2007, the Audi R8, based on the Audi Le Mans quattro concept car, appearing at the 2003 Geneva Auto Show and 2003 International Motor Show. The R8 was officially launched at the Paris Auto Show on 30 September 2006. There is some confusion with the name, which the car shares with the Le Mans winning R8 LMP and also the 1989 Mk 11 Rover 200, codenamed R8.
The R8 is used as a safety car in Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters racing series.The Audi R8 is equipped with a 4.2 litre Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) V8 engine developing 420 PS (309 kW; 414 hp) and 430 N·m (320 ft·lbf), and is basically the same engine used in the B7 Audi RS4, but modified to use dry sump lubrication. A variant with a 5.2 litre Fuel Stratified Injection (FSI) V10 engine was added on the 9th of December 2008, which produces 386 kW (525 PS; 518 hp) and 530 N·m (390 ft·lbf).
The transmission is either a manual gearbox with metal gate for the shift lever, or an "R-tronic" gearbox (single-clutch semi-automatic sequential manual transmission). These options are the same as those available on the Lamborghini Gallardo. A double-clutch gearbox (Direct-Shift Gearbox - DSG, now badged by Audi as "S-tronic") is not currently (as of December 2008) available.
The R8 has a dry weight of 1560 kg (3439 lb). Its suspension uses magneto rheological dampers.
As Audi AG owns Lamborghini (Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.), 15% of the R8 is shared with the Lamborghini Gallardo, including the transmission and chassis.[citation needed] The R8 is made distinct by its exterior styling, cabin, engine, and pricing.
Safety features include Bosch ESP 8.0 Electronic Stability Programme with ABS, front dual-stage airbags, and side-impact airbags.
Amongst the options list for the Audi R8 are a Bang & Olufsen sound system, and "Audi Ceramic" Carbon fibre-reinforced Silicon Carbide (C/SiC) composite brakes with monobloc alloy Brembo calipers on all four wheels (6-piston at front, 4-piston at rear) with SGL Carbon ceramic discs

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