Thursday, January 22, 2009

Covini C6W

C6W is an Italian 2-seat, 2-door sports coupé with a removable roof section. Inspiration for the car was taken from the 1976 Tyrrell P34, which had two pairs of smaller front wheels, a principle applied to the C6W. The project was started in 1974 but abandoned shortly after, and left dormant into the 1980s due to the lack of availability of low-profile tires at the time. In 2003 the project was revived and in 2004 the C6W was shown in prototype form. In 2005 a slightly revised version debuted at the Salon International de l'Auto, featuring new wheels, new roof structure and a refreshed interior, and went into limited production of 6-8 cars per year, as a result of a tie-up between PMI and Covini Engineering
Drive wheels: RWD
Construction: Fiberglass and carbon fiber body over tubular steel frame
Front brakes: Brembo disc brakes, with ABS
Fuel feed: Direct petrol injection
Total displacement: 4.2 L (256.3 in³)
Maximum power: 325 kW (440 bhp) @ 6400 rpm
Maximum torque: 470 N·m (346 lb·ft) @ 2700 rpm

Maximum speed: 186 mph or 299 km/h

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